3 Simple Tips for using social media platforms for your photography business

Let’s unpack it together in this photography tutorial.

Video explaining the best way to use social media platforms for photography business

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3 Simple Tips for using social media platforms for your photography business

Get the MOST out of using social media for your photography business

Post Content! Follow Algorithms! Get Followers! Sounds draining, right? These social mediaprinciples are great and necessary, but are you getting the most out of using social media for your photography business?

In this video, self-portrait photographer Sarah Lyndsay discusses her observations on the good and not so good ways photographers are using social media for their businesses.

She shares some tips that she’s used which have changed the way she interacts on social media and how it’s made the platforms much more useful and engaging for her business.

The best ways to use social media for your photography business

The main social media platforms these days include Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you have a photography business you would most likely be using at least one of these platforms. You’re most likely promoting your business, sharing your art and trying to get clients through these platforms. 

There are great ways to use social media successfully for business marketing, however, it can be a toxic and draining environment. 

These tips aren’t about mastering the algorithms, what to post when, or what kind of posts you should be doing. They are more about who you should be on these platforms, while engaging in those activities to market your business.

Tip for social media & photography #1: Decide before you post what the goals of your account on the platform are

Ask yourself the questions which will help to shape your social media presence, and make your page and content more connected. 

– Do I want to do this full time, part time or is it more of a hobby?

– Am I selling something or just getting my art into the world?

– What kind of income do I want to create, small-large?

Having a clear plan and vision before posting is important to get the most from using social media. It will make sure your page feels like all of your content is going in the same direction and towards the same vision.

This will create a welcoming and cohesive feel to your platform and draw viewers, followers, and possible clients in.

Social media platforms you can use for your photography business
Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash


Social media Tip #2: Don’t get overwhelmed with checking likes and followers, but use the useful analytics

Social media platforms are flooded with businesses creating content just to push out content. This might work well for following the algorithm and gaining followers, likes, comments, and saved posts. So many businesses have tried only focusing on these and ended up burnt out and having many dead ends for all the content effort put in.

It is important to look at analytics but make sure you don’t obsess over the numbers.

You want to know what marketing is working better than others. But too many get caught up in looking often at how many likes and followers there are.

This leads to creating dry content just to have something to post and scheduling content too rigidly.

Just post what works and what you are up to, check the analytics to keep an eye on your marketing, and leave the obsessing to someone else because you don’t need that stress!

Instagram analytics for photography business marketing
Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash


Tip #3 for business social media: Be genuine and authentic to who you are, sharing what you love on your page

Don’t be shy on your platforms! Be authentic and be 100% who you are in what and when you post. Use your real voice, not the voice you think the world wants to see/hear. 

When you are posting genuine content, your presence will be felt more authentically which in turn will draw people in.

You will see better, deeper relationships and improved engagement. Your following might not grow initially, but the engagement, relationships and connections will grow. The perception of who you are and what you represent will be stronger and richer. 

Take the pressure off, post about what you like, be genuine, and share what you love with your followers. The followers you do have will appreciate you more for being you.

Your authenticity will make you more trusted and sought out by possible clients, collaborators and more.

Then, the doors for new opportunities will open when viewers can see exactly who you are and what you love.

Posting genuine content on your social media for your photography business
Photo by Bruce Mars on Unsplash

Social media can be a toxic place, but with these tips you can improve how you are using social media for your photography business

Social media platforms are meant to be used to connect with people and build relationships and businesses. If you are being genuine, not obsessing over the numbers, and know what you are using them for, social media will help you and your business grow.

How will you use these tips to help you with social media for your business?

Comment below!

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